The Meaning of Life

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Timeless Truth: The Bible consists of truth & wisdom concerning all aspects of life.

Meaning of Life

I’ve always loved Ecclesiastes because of the deep, philosophical questions it raises, but I never realized that the main question that Solomon deals with is the very question that mankind has wrested with from the beginning of time, “What is the meaning of life?” I really wrestled with this before knowing God. All people wrestle with this exactly because; “God has put eternity into man’s heart.” What I’ve learned throughout the years of my Christian walk and through this book is that seeking after the meaning of life is rather selfish; what we should ask ourselves is, “What is my purpose in life?” How can I partner with God and the meaningful things that He is doing “under the sun?” The reality of our situation is that sin created a big mess, therefore we have to deal with a painful world, but the joy and satisfaction we have is that we can do something about it. We can give life much more meaning by helping others to find God, so that they also can partake in the Eternal Glory that awaits us; the Eternal Glory that will make all “the toil under the sun” worth it!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”  -Pablo Picasso

Although Pablo Picasso was not a Christian, we can interpret this quote spiritually. God has given us all different gift and abilities so that we can partner with Him in ways that we will enjoy. We ought to know our identity and the gifts that we’ve been given in order to pursue a righteous calling that will serve to advance the Kingdom of God. Our purpose is to give. To serve as Jesus served, so that people will be drawn to Him and come to know Him. As a response to the message of Ecclesiastes I want to become more aware of whom God created me to be and how I can grow in the gifts that he has given me. I also want to make more of an effort to help people understand that everything here on earth is vain and fleeting – that God is the only one who can satisfy our deepest desires.