Samuels Application

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1 & 2 Samuels Final Application

I have never been so appreciative of any book in the bible than this one for we as men see how to walk as a faithful man of God and what it looks like rather than how we think we should act and live. God himself looks down to the people, wanting to communicate His ways of living out in world but also to the people around us. For he knows the intensions of our hearts and how we would end up if we wanted to live the way we chose to live bringing only pain, toil, war, scandal, destruction, adultery, etc. God himself shows us first-hand what a people group becomes through trying to mimic the ways of the world rather than the ways of God.Through Him leading us brings peace, love, kindness , prosperity, happiness, joy, etc. and a light in showing others that there is a One and only God YHWH. A God centered life not only promises a meaningful life but serves as a example in how God intended it to look like; intimacy with Him and God’s heart for man. A man can define himself successfully by power, wealth, and women but sheds a way the true beauty of life. There is absolutely nothing more glorious than the way God delights in His children in promising an inheritance with Him through his Son being a place filled with joy and worshipping to Him all the days of our life. Our character should reside to reflect God in all ways throughout all nations to give people hope in life and fullfillment otherwise wickedness creeps in and a nation or nations and are led to a Chaos order that only brings to it’s own destruction. A man of God doesn’t look to the powers of the darkness in the world but lives only for the purpose of being a light for God to manifest His glory, love, and presence to those lost in sin. To fullfill such a important task in life to winning souls for the sake of the kingdom of God is portray Christ in living as a copy of him and seeking the quiet place in admiring and consulting God for all vision, character, humilty, power, and presenting myself worthy of him everyday to intercede on behalf of people becoming radically saved by the power of the Spirit of God and to know him more personally all the days of my life.

-Hunter Smith-