The SBS is a climb up a challenging mountain. It is a sacrificial year of life with significant lifetime rewards. I cannot read the scriptures the same because when a mountain peak is reached, perspective is gained. Before the SBS, I would read the Bible only desiring to have a clue of what is going on in the text. After the SBS, I read the Bible knowing EVERY book’s context. Nothing can be built without a foundation being laid, and I am grateful for SBS in building a Biblically solid one inside of me.

Trevor Ashlock (USA)

I loved my time in SBS, it pushed me to study the Bible in a way that I would never have done on my own and it helped me see more of who God is and understand why he does the things he does. It was all worth the hard work!

Hanna Maria Engsbraten (Norway)

SBS is more than a Bible school, it teaches you self discipline, strength and perseverance. The Lord will start to strengthen your heart and knowledge of God through each book to each verse that you study. The nine months of my SBS are the best nine months of my entire life that I will never regret!

Chase Olson (USA)

My time in SBS was essential for my walk and for a life of following Christ. it gave me not only a foundation to base my absolute core beliefs in…but it made me fall recklessly in love with Jesus Christ. SBS taught me how to know WHO God is though HIS word and not by what any other pastor, sermon or podcast could teach me. SBS showed me that the bible isn’t just a stuffy religious rule book, but an active and living and personal tool to show me how to Love God and Love People.

Mallory Horton (USA)

I was never good at school, and once I realized how hard the SBS really was I thought I would never ever be able to finish it.

But with God pushing me forward through every book, I found myself nine months later as an SBS graduate! And God really opened my eyes to see all the things I can do with Him. There’s no limitations! Phil 4:13 – I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

This is the truth I’ve learned… SBS was the best thing I’ve ever done, though everyday was a battle.
After SBS I’ve started teaching the bible for my friends and the youth at our church and I can already see the seeds starting to grow! It’s amazing! People need more bible teachers! They need to know the truth of God! I would advice everyone to study the bible and teach it forward! There is so much power when the word of God gets a chance to affect in the people.

Maiju Hirvonen (Finland)

SBS was absolutely life-changing for me. For most it’s DTS, but God rocked my world in SBS in a way that I will never forget.

For the first time in my life, I was getting to know God for who HE said he
was, not my friends, parents, pastors, etc. And it’s so much more
intimate to know God on that level.

Studying the Bible and seeing God’s heart and faithfulness from beginning to end was such a
privilege and blessing to me. It was such a sweet season to know that I had 9 months solely dedicated to studying God’s Word and knowing Him more through it.

Best 9 months.

Wendy Whittaker (USA)

For me (and everyone I’m sure!) SBS was very very challenging. I don’t think i really knew what i was getting into but I would never change the experience that i had.

My biggest advice to anyone thinking about SBS would be to go for it and just really press in and study hard even when you don’t feel like it because you will never have another time to really study the word this hardcore.

One thing about SBS that meant alot to me was how the staff didn’t tell me right or wrong answers but they really gave me the tools that I need to find things out for myself and research till I can come to my own conclusion.”

Hannah Popa (USA)